Heating tanks


Electric Heating Tanks

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The electric heating of tanks has become increasingly important in the special transport of chemical products at a temperature higher than the ambient one, which require good precision controls.

SAIE has developed a definitively improved and safe system for mounting on tank semi-trailers and containers.

Components that make up the system:

Heating elements

They are made of Pyrotanax cable with conductor in Kumanal, insulation in Magnesium oxide and external sheath in AISI 304 stainless steel, impermeable to water, flame retardant, with high mechanical resistance, flexible, excellent resistance to chemical agents (such as oils, acid and alkaline solutions , etc.). Finally, they are highly practical to install on the tanks and are, in the final phase, covered with copper tape.

Command and control panel

Made of AISI 314 stainless steel, degree of protection IP 65, containing the following elements:

  • General differential magnetothermic switch;

  • Manual – automatic switch;

  • Static temperature regulator with probe;

  • Voltmeter on the three phases;

  • Indicator lights and fuses on each heating element;

  • CEE 3x32A + N + T socket

Generator set

Diesel engine type 1500 rpm coupled with self-excited and self-regulated alternator, equipped with automatic starting piloted by the regulator located on the command and control panel. The power used depends on the power needed for the number of installed heating elements.

Connection accessories

The connection between the elements described above is made with insulating cables with rubber-silicone sheath and nickel-plated copper conductors, suitable for high temperatures. All components used are guaranteed for temperatures up to 250 ° C.


It is applied flush with insulation, on the tank, in a position suitable for use, with a sensitive element applied to the tank plating. It can be of the digital electric type with thermocopy or analogue with inert gas.

System Sizing


The sizing of the system is done according to the tank in question, the maximum maintenance temperature, the type of insulation and the type of product transported.

Indicative example:

  • Tank in AISI 304 stainless steel 3.5 mm thick, diameter 1800 mm, length 9500 mm, depth of the bottoms 35 mm and total capacity 24600 lt;
  • Rock wool insulation with an average thickness of 10 mm;

  • Temperature to be maintained max 180 ° C;

  • Average specific heat 0.3 cal / Kg ° C;

  • Power required 13.5 kW;

  • Shell temperature from 20 ° to 100 ° C in 1 h;

  • To increase the transported product by 10 ° C, approximately 10 hours are required.

Upon request, SAIE also carries out special systems.