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Who we are

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SAIE  is an electromechanical construction company active in Piacenza since 1973.

Over the years, after a brief experience in plant engineering, it has definitively oriented itself in the construction of low voltage and medium voltage electrical panels, specifically on those types that require constructions that must be adapted to particular dimensional requirements and in any case of high electric power.

In the plant engineering sector, the interest remains in the execution of a special electric heating system for tanks used for the transport of products to be kept within strict limits or at high temperatures.

SAIE collaborates with operators in the sector and in particular with electrical installers and with engineering firms, its products and, if required, providing for their commissioning and its own experience in the design of electrical panels.

Today, boasting many years of experience, acquired know-how, flexibility and attention to the requests and needs of the Customer, SAIE can compete in a competitive way on the Italian commercial scenario with the main players in the sector.

SAIE Quality Policy

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Organization Management System

SAIE is constantly committed to pursuing the maintenance and improvement of the Organization’s Management System, mend the use of adequate resources to manage the development, dissemination within the company of the Quality Policy and general objectives, training of all staff and awareness of the customer’s needs.


Quality and Sustainability

Among the objectives that SAIE sets itself, the certification goal, in line with UNI EN ISO 9001 and that relating to the “GO guarantee of origin” certificate for the supply of energy from renewable sources, is a sure qualifying stimulus aimed at consolidating the image acquired in the sector to which it belongs.


customer service

Customer Service

Access to the chat service directly from our site will soon be available for registered users.

By using this service you can directly contact one of our representatives in the following areas:

  • Commercial assistance
  • Technical assistance
  • Administrative assistance



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