Low voltage panels


Low Voltage Panels

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The low voltage switchboards that SAIE manufactures are designed and optimized to be adapted to market demands and the evolution of standards.

They are metal column type structures made of top quality sheet metal, finely painted with epoxy powders and oven fired, in a colour of which the customer’s request in the RAL field, with a textured finish. They are cabinets, studied and tested, of great sturdiness and therefore of equal safety for the operators.

They are made in the construction forms types 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4b as described in the CEI EN 61439-1 and CEI EN 61439-2 standards, of different types depending on the way of segregation and accessibility to the various sides of the cabinet.

Particular attention is paid to external connections trying to facilitate the connection of incoming cables as much as possible, compatibly with the need to keep the dimensions of the panels to acceptable values.

Equal attention is paid to the disposal of the heat produced, taking due account of the degree of protection to be achieved.

The supply of the cabinets is always accompanied, both in paper and digital format, by the following documents:

  • Final drawing
  • Test report
  • CE declaration of conformity
  • Technical documentation relating to the equipment used.

Test reports will also be available relating to the short-circuit withstand tests, the application of the protection circuit and the over temperature limits.

ACAE Certification

Certificate of conformity n° A 13.040

General construction features Low Voltage electrical panels

The different types of low voltage electrical cabinets that SAIE designs and manufactures (Power Center, MMC, Distribution and Power factor correction), characteristics to offer suitable solutions for every type of need and ideal for the most varied installations in electrical systems (industrial – production and distribution of electricity – infrastructure).