Road Tankers Electrical Heating

The system is made of:

Heating elements with mineral insulated magnesium oxide cable and Kumanal conductor, the outer shell water and fire proof sheathing are in AISI 304 stainless steel with high mechanical strength, providing great flexibility, and with an optimal resistance to chemical substances/agents such as oils, acid and alkaline solutions. The installation of the heating elements in the tanks is rather easy and on installation completed the elements are finally covered with an aluminium coat.

Switching and control board made of AISI 314 stainless steel, degree of protection IP55, it includes the followings:

- termo-magnetic differential ON-OFF main switch;
- manual-automatic switch;
- static temperature control with thermocouple probe J;
- three-phase voltmeter;
- warning lights and fusers on each heating element;
- CEE  3x32A+N+T socket.

Power generating set. Diesel motor type 1500 r.p.m. connected to the alternator, self-energising and self-adjusting, with automatic start initiated by the control unit located on the switch and control board. The power used is linked to that required for the number of heating elements installed.

Fitting. Connecting the above mentioned elements is made with insulating cable sheathed in silicone rubber and with nickel plated copper conductors, as required for high temperatures.

All components are guaranteed for temperatures up to 250° C.

Thermometer is an installed flush with the insulation in the position switch to suit its function, with the sensor on the outer tank’s coat. The thermometer can be of electrical, digital, thermocouple or of analogical inert gas kind, coated in silicone oil.

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