Power Center - Low Voltage switchboard

The Power Centers (L.V. - Low Voltage switchboards) are self-contained cabinets made of high quality sheet metal finely coated with epoxy powder, over fired with the RAL range colour, as required by the customer, with an orange peel surface effect. These cabinets are designed and tested for great strength and therefore assuring greater safety to the operators.

They are made according to production methods 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b, 4b as prescribed by the CEI-EN norms 60439-1 standards, accordingly to the various types of segregation and accessibility to the electrical panel’s interface.

As to maximise the cables’ entry ports SAIE paid particular attention to the facilitation of the external connections, whilst maintaining the panels’ dimensions within acceptable parameters.

The same care had been given to the process of heat dissipation and achieve the desired level of protection. Delivery of the panels would include the following documentation:
Final drawings
Acceptance Test Certificate
Declarations of Conformity to Standards
Equipment Technical documentation

The CESI test report of prototype no. 95-0011634 referring to the resistance to short circuit, performance of the protection circuit and the limits of overheating would also be available.

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