Metal Enclosed - Medium Voltage

The Metal enclosed (M.V.) control boards are modular compact structures made with first quality sheet metal – not less than 2 mm thick – coated with a layer of RAL colour and with an orange peeled surface effect. These panels’ main features are:

Operators’ overall safety;
Modularity of the system that allows the realization of any desired installation project;
Ease of operation, enhanced by an explanatory synoptic  embossed on the whole board’s surface;
Use of air as insulating material that guarantees the safety and long lasting of such structures (only some little maintenance of the equipment used is then required).

In addition to these standard boards and upon a client’s request, SAIE can produce customised panel types, which as proved by laboratory research and testing offer the same guarantees of safety and performance.

Boards’ delivery would include the following documentation:
Final drawings;
Acceptance Test Certificate;
Declaration of Conformity to Standards;
Technical Equipment Documentation.

The CESI test reports of prototype no. 95-001631 with regard to resistance of the protection circuit to high peaks current and of short time current and of prototype no. LAB 94/027.655 with regard to dielectric properties that would also be available.

The medium voltage up to 12kW finds easy application systems with high power (i.e. mills, power factor corrections, etc.). SAIE has manufactured supply and protection boards for such lads using the best electric material on the market produced by ABB or SCHNEIDER and assembled it in especially designed frames fit for use and positioning at the customer’s request. For this purpose, the frames are completely designed, manufactured, painted and assembled at SAIE’s workshop in Piacenza.

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