About us

SAIE established itself in the electromechanical sector in 1969. After an initial involvement in plant engineering, it specialized itself in the production of electrical switchboards  that need adapting to high electrical power and/or to specific dimensional ratios, such as:

- Metal enclosed for MV switchboards
- Power Center for LV switchboards

Of the plant engineering experience SAIE has retained its interest in producing a unique electric heating system for road tankers used to transport substances to be kept either within a narrow or at a very high range of temperature.

SAIE serves the sector’s operators, particularly the installation engineers, supplying them with its own products and upon request their installation. Further, SAIE works closely with its customers at the planning stage inset by providing them with its valued experience in producing electrical switchboards.

SAIE headquarters, with its management, sales and production departments, is located in the Piacenza “Orsina” industrial estate, in proximity of the Piacenza-South A1 motorway junction.

The 2500 sq. meters premises host all SAIE’s production phases and processes, such as:

- Cutting, drilling and sheet metal folding;
- Painting with epoxide powder and oven firing;
- Assembling and fitting metal structures;
- Developping quality controls and testing.
To support the executive phase, the technical department devises preliminary and final switchboards’ drawings.



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